About our Approach

At Simply Vets and Pets, we leverage all three elements of functional, integrative, and traditional medicine and health care solutions to help you and your animal companions stay “FIT”. Our approach encompasses the evaluation of the whole, patient centered, personalized, instead of disease centered, general approach to resolving problems. Everyone is uniquely individual.

Functional + Integrative + Traditional

We do not differentiate, write, or educate, that the differences between integrative, functional and / or traditional methods are mutually exclusive. Just by writing about these nuances, makes it look like a competition, which they are not. Neither is it an opinion. You need to remember that personal preference, personal opinions and overall experience with different methods and philosophies influence our perceptions.

Instead, we incorporate all the methods and philosophies in our tailored approach – Functional, Integrative AND, OR Traditional. Functional and Holistic methods have similarities and overlap in several areas. Holistic embraces much of the philosophy of Functional methods and philosophies, but also employs a systems-orientated approach that works towards identifying, or understanding, the root of the problem. In other words, root cause analysis. Functional approach reaffirms that every person is unique genetically and biochemically, requiring an individual and tailored treatment solution, incorporating environmental and lifestyle factors. We do not believe one size fits all. Integrative simply means a holistic approach incorporating traditional and complementary treatments and solutions. 

In doing some research via Google or Bing, you will find many confusing terms and definitions to above. In simple terms, we subscribe to the following:

  • Allopathic– conventional, traditional or Western-based medicine and philosophies
  • Alternative – used in place of conventional medicine, including homeopathic, herbs, crystals and acupuncture
  • Holistic – a generic term for any treatment or therapy session that is intended to treat the individual as a whole, including spiritual, mental, emotional and physical
  • Integrative – combines the best of allopathic, holistic, complementary and alternative philosophies, therapies and medicine itself, a comprehensive approach

We aim to give pets and their companions healthier, happier, longer lives by providing simple integrative solutions to promote wellness and wellbeing. We follow an integrative and holistic approach that seeks to choose the most constructive, least invasive, yet enduring solutions to help restore and maintain optimal or the best possible quality of life for as long as possible. While we focus on simple solutions that are complementary to the body and that help support its own innate vitality and healing response, we also recognize the importance of traditional medical practices. These offer life-saving options or the possibility of quickly and effectively helping to restore health. Integrating current knowledge derived from the multitude of medical and complementary specialties provides a plethora of solutions that can be tailored to the unique circumstance of any person and their pet companion.