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Natural Approach to Cancer

The cause of cancer is multi-factorial, i.e. not owing to a single problem or incident.

It is the end result of exposure to many different carcinogens and the body’s inability to defend itself from these carcinogens. It is obvious therefore that there are no single MAGIC BULLETS that will kill off and cure cancer.

What we need is a multi-factorial approach to stabilise the body’s defence mechanisms as well as decreasing the exposure to potential carcinogens. Latest evidence shows that Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy can promote the spread of a cancer which has not yet spread, as well as cause cancer to begin in healthy tissue, thereby increasing the risk of a different cancer developing. You can do a lot for your beloveds with cancer by avoiding certain things and adding known anti-cancer nutritionals and herbal supplements. Here follows a list of things you can do at home.

To decrease toxic and carcinogenic stress we must:

  • Avoid smoke and smoky environments
  • Avoid food colourants and preservatives (most processed and kibble foods).
  • Change to a more natural Biologically Appriopriate Raw Food or BARF diet high in natural cancer fighting nutrients and low in carbohydrates.
  • Avoid toxic build-up from processed food, including fried, pickled, smoked foods, dry and tinned animal foods and most treats. Give natural treats such as our natural Liver treats / T-Treats.
  • DO NOT VACCINATE – your animal has a compromised immune system and the vaccination will probably not be effective anyway. Vaccinations may aggravate cancer development and certainly add to the toxic load in the body. Some vaccinations have been linked to causing cancers. Veterinarians shouls only vaccinate healthy animals, and if your animal has cancer it has an illness.
  • Cut down on unnecessary toxins, such as strong anti-parasitic (flea, worm preps etc.) and conventional drugs. Consider alternatives which are less toxic. (See article natural approach to parasite control). Only use what is absolutely necessary – discuss with your Veterinarian
  • Take moderate, regular exercise, do not over-excercise
  • Increase dietary fibre (oats – are a good source if you feel the need to add grains) – according to your Veterinarians instructions. Plant cells or cellulose is a great form of dietary fibre which is present in Simply Pets® Raw Food. Prebiotics present in Nutribiotic is also a good source.
  • Avoid foods with a high glyceamic index (i.e. sugars and carbohydrates) including dry pellet food which mostly contains over 60% grains. Carbohydrates are known to feed cancer. Very few pellet foods are low in carbohydrates; the Earthborn primitive is grain free.


The ideal anti-cancer diet will leave cells swimming in a sea of anti-cancer nutrients

  • Simply Pets Beef
  • Simply Pets Venison
  • Simply Pets Chicken

Feed good quality, fresh or frozen foods, which are still brimming with their natural enzymes. These enzymes are important for the maintenance of a healthy immune system, and allow food to be broken down and processed by the body in a more appropriate and efficient way, thereby producing less harmful by-products and absorbing more actively useable nutrients for use in the body for growth and repair. Home cooking partially breaks down these enzymes, and processing (usually much higher temperatures than home cooking) totally destroys them. For this reason it is best to feed RAW. Where possible feed organic food, as this has the lowest levels of hormones, antibiotics, pesticides and other substances that could build up in the system and put strain on an already compromised immune system. Free-range or organic meats are also lower in toxins and healthier to eat. Where the liver is compromised, it may be best to avoid red meat proteins. I recommend alternating Fish, Chicken, Turkey, Tofu, Rabbit and Cottage Cheese in liver damaged patients.

The best anticancer vegetables are the highly coloured ones.

The following foods are well known for their cancer protective substances:

  • Brassicas (cabbage, kale, cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels’ sprouts)
  • Spinach , Bok Choy, Swiss Chard
  • Tomatoes
  • Red, orange and yellow peppers
  • Radish
  • Carrots
  • Berry Fruits: Bilberry, blueberry, raspberry, blackcurrant, blackberry, elderberry, chokeberry
  • Fenugreek
  • Red Algae / Spirulena / sprouted greens
  • Legumes (these must be cooked)
  • Fermented Soya products – e.g. Tofu
  • Oats, (this is a grain, so only small amounts)


Add good quality, high bioavailability supplements as follows:

  • Antioxidants: Nutri-pet , Vitamin C
  • Multivitamin and Mineral Supplements including trace minerals: Cu, Zn, Se, Mn – Nutri-pet
  • Essential Fatty Acids – esp. Omega-3 (FLAX OIL, Dermafocus, Mirra-cote, Salmon oil)
  • Mixed Carotenoids: Caroteno oil
  • Prebiotics and probiotics: Nutribiotic
  • Glyconutrients:
  • Others: OPC Flavonoids: Nutripet Immunity Complex
  • Isoflavones:
  • Methyl Group Donors: (BETAINE), Phospholipids, Protease Inhibitors:

Specific Immune Stimulants:

  • Herbs: Carcinoguard, Immuzyme
  • Medi-Mushrooms: Ganoderma (Reishi), Meitake
  • Adaptogens: Prime 1 or Prime pet, Phytoguard


  • Milk Thistle Extract: Nutri-pet Milk Thistle, Hepafocus

Specific organ protection and stimulation:

This depends on the organ in question and advice should be sought from a qualified homeopath or holistic practitioner. See the CVMG website for help to find one near you. CVMG is the complementary veterinary medicine’s group of south Africa.

Many of the supplements above are not available without specialised advise or prescription. And there are also many others available not mentioned here which may be helpful, depending on the individual situation.

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