Celiac Jack Russel – Raw Diet controls her Seizures

Hi All,

This photo is of Anna-Belle who is a celiac and has been largely seizure free bar a few minor turns since we have put her on the raw food diet and excluded all gluten from her diet her snacks include fresh fruit and raw bones rather than dog biscuits or any other prepared food, Only raw food and fruit (Tiny table scraps when available but only if meat or vegetable Excluding rice or wheat) She was on pills for epilepsy which a vet diagnosed her with however she has been off these for about 3 years now and never looked back.

Personally I think she is one of the success stories of your food and is still alive and healthy to prove it.

Have a super day


Mike Cawood, George

EDITOR NOTES: Mike started his 2 dogs on the Simply Pets Raw Diet in 2007: it is never to early or too late to start eating a healthy diet as nature intended. Start your dogs and cats today!

This is an example where Natural Species Appropriate, Biologic Appropriate Raw Diets or BARF for Dogs and Cats will go a long way to control or in some cases completely prevent epilpetic seizures in dogs or cats.

Mike Cawood
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