Extension and Quality of Life

Dear Anushka, Cindy and Ernst,

Thank-you for being so wonderful to Rei and giving him an extension and quality of life for the last two years. It was so sweet to watch him greet Ernst with such enthusiasm as we came through the door that last time for him; and then his total trust in the three of us, especially bending back to give Cindy his kisses as a moment of confusion seemed to register and then he was so quickly gone in spirit, a tribute to the love and fierce gentleness surrounding him. Anushka thank-you for your skill, kindness and holding, you truly are ‘one of a kind,’ and we are very lucky to have you, Cindy, Ersnt and your staff looking after the animal and people beings in our hood!

Rei was wiped down, anointed and brushed by all the people who have cared for and loved him and buried in a handsome grave amidst incense and jasmine blossoms. The candles went out all together suddenly and we celebrated his flight.

My love and gratitude to you all,


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