Holistic Treatment for Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Cats

My name is Tallulah. I am a small Siamese cat and I used to live in Pretoria and was an only cat. I then moved to a home in Johannesburg with lots of other cats and dogs.

I have always had a very weak stomach and when I moved in with the other animals I became very stressed. My tummy gave me lots of problems and I used to mess in the house and was not always very popular.

I then moved to George where now live with my new mom and dad. They were very worried about me when I arrived as I was very thin and my coat was not in a good condition. I had very bad tummy troubles and was really sick.

Tallulah often visited a vet in George but the antibiotics and the special biscuits which I was given did not help.

Then my parents saw an ad for Dr Anuska in a local paper and decided to take me to see her.

Well, that really changed my life. After a lengthy consultation Dr Anuska put me on to a diet of raw, organic, minced chicken which I eat every day with nutribiotics. I am now a strong, healthy cat – I know I will never be fat as I am Siamese, but when I look at myself in the mirror, I can’t believe how much better I look.

I do love human food but I don’t eat it anymore and stick to my special diet. There have been one or two times that I have been a little unwell, but a visit to Dr Anuska soon sorts me out.

I would recommend to all cats that they give up eating unhealthy cat food from packets or tins and move on to a natural diet of raw food.

All I can say is “Thanks, Dr Anuska, I feel like a real cat again, able to do all the things healthy cats do”

EDITOR: Tallulah is an example in which Homeopathy, homotoxicology, natural medicine and species appropriate, biologic appropriate raw diets for animals will help to treat and control food allergies, chronic diarrhoea, and inflammatory bowel conditions and give them quality of life they did not have before.

Tallulah was first seen by Dr. Anuska when she was almost 5 years old in Oct 2007. She had chronic foul diarrhoea for a long time and her parents were considering euthanasia as she was not improving. Holistic medicine was a last resort, and she was still holding her own after 5 years (doubling her expected life). She intermittently required homeopathic treatment for IBS and diarrhoea, but the episodes were not as long or intense and mostly she was controlled on her Simply Pets Raw Cat Food. Unfortunately early in 2012 she developed hyperthyroidism (an overactive thyroid) and her condition became difficult to manage. She passed on the 22 July 2012. We will all miss her terribly; she crept into all our hearts.

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