Holistic Treatment of Canine Multiple Organ Failure

Dear Editor,

I am so grateful to Dr Anuska Viljoen and her team for helping my Maltese to have a better quality of life, that I would be happy if you could publish my’ thank you’ letter in your ‘ letters to the Editor’ colomn…

A year and two months ago while I stayed with my parents in Gordons Bay to help them through an extremely trying and difficult time after my dad’s heart operation, I noticed one evening that my Maltese ( he is everything in my life, and where I go, he goes with me) seemed restless. I took him to the veterinarian the next morning. After blood tests it was ascertained that his heart, liver and -alas -the kidneys were in a poor state. He was dehydrated and was placed on a drip for that whole day and evening (which upset him quite a lot, having to stay over at the clinic for the night).

Prognosis weren’t good, the vet did not give him long to live ( one can never say, he said, but it could be only a week, or maximum a month..) I did not know how to read the results of the blood test, but I was told that one had to test Urea- S, Creatinine, Alk. Phosphatase of which, the doctor explained, one could begin to understand if he said a normal reading for Creatinine is 181 over 90 (this reading apparently shows the state the kidneys are in) and my dogs’ blood test showed 436 over 9a for Creatinine! He was certainly not going to live long anymore!

By then it was time for me to return to Sedgefield anyhow, and I went to see Dr Anuska shortly after my return, because we needed to establish whether he needed another drip to help him cope. Dr Anuska suggested we try a holistic method called ‘aqua puncture’ to see if this would give him a better quality of life for the time remaining. ( At this stage I wasn’t even considering euthanasia, simply because he was still very alert, going about his day like a normal dog does, and wasn’t in pain, the only sign of his illness some vomiting sometimes, no big appetite but drinking a lot of water, and being a bit tired sometimes).

I never really believed in ‘homeopathic medicines’ I must confess, but, I was eager to try anything if this could help him! So, we started treatment, once a week he would go for injections, for the first month. Then we sent his blood for analysis, and incredibly enough, the results were astonishing!

By now, the Creatinine levels were almost normal, 192 over 90, and one could see a complete change in him.. he is playful even, almost as if he got some of his youth back, he runs, he has a healthy apatite, and best of all, it shows he’s holding up.. meaning that now, more than a year later, we have spaced the treatment to once a month only at least eight months ago, and he still looks really good!

Thank you Dr Anuska, thank you, thank you! We have definitely improved his quality of life, and that thanks to your ‘holistic’ approach…

I never used to believe in these medicines… but I sure do now! That’s why I wanted ta share my story with your readers.

Annet Hattingh

EDITOR: Boetie was first treated by Dr. Viljoen in Oct 2006 at the age of 12 years and continued to live another 4 years. He died at the ripe old age over 16.

Giving quality of life to older animals with liver, kidney and heart failure is possible using natural remedies and holistic veterinary medicine. Alternative medicines WORK!

Annet Hattingh
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