Hypothyroid Diabetic Pancreatitis Inflammatory Bowel Disease you name it I had it

Although I believe in feeding raw food it was not working for my dog Brady until I discovered Simply Pets.

He then developed Diabetes and as we were battling to get it under control I decided to seek the advice of an alternative vet, Dr. Anuska Viljoen from Mandala Health Veterinary Clinic in Sedgefield. She suggested I put him on raw food, and when I explained that I had problems in the past with raw, she recommended that I contact Raw Pet Foods, the supplier of a fantastic Balanced raw food called Simply Pets, that she felt that my dog would be able to accept.

Simply Pets is a ‘complete’ food as opposed to a ‘complementary’ food which is often on offer. What made me more secure in trying this avenue, especially given his physical condition, is that the food is formulated by a holistic veterinarian, medical nutritionist and homeopath. This made me feel secure that the food had been formulated not just by an expert in nutrition, but by a vet.

The result – phenomenal! I started him on the product very slowly, over a two week period, using a pre- and pro-biotic product called Simply Natural Nutribiotic. This product also contains substances that help regenerate and protect the gut lining. The reason for this is that dogs use different amounts of enzymes and bacteria for commercial food than they do for raw food, and a few short months down the line, not only had his insulin levels balanced, we reduced the amount of insulin he was on! Additional benefits are that he looks years younger and is full of energy, has the whitest teeth you have ever seen (almost 9 years old), his coat has recovered its previous shine and the condition has improved dramatically. An additional bonus is that I used to have to have his anal glands emptied about once every 6 weeks due to impacting, and the other day I realized that I had not seen him ‘scooting’ for months. When he was clipped I asked his groomer to examine glands, and there was virtually nothing there – over 3 months since they were last checked!

The difference I have seen not just in my own dog, but in friends dogs that have changed to this product, led me to the decision that this is something each and every committed dog owner needs to investigate. My trust in this product is so great that I am happy to promote it as much as I can, as I believe that this is the way to go forward and is something that we all need to know about to improve our dog’s and cat’s quality of life.

Thanks Scotty Valadao, Johannesburg, Gauteng

Scotty Valadao
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