Inoperable Melanomas Raw Food and Holistic Treatment Doubled my life-span

Bluf, a mastif x boxer, came into our life 8 years ago and was already 4 or 5 years old.

We got him from the Animal Welfare in Knysna. A handsome boy with skin problems like itchiness, wraths but full of energy, good appetite, and a very stable character.

After a year we noticed some big lumps in his throat area and our Vet had to remove them. The operation went well but he was diagnosed with a very aggressive melanoma and his life expectation was about 3 months. The Vet and we were very disappointed and he informed even about chemotherapy but this was not feasible.

In the mean time we were looking for other options and came across Dr Anuska Viljoen, a holistic Vet, and from that moment he was on a treatment with homeopathic medicines.

We also made a change in his diet and instead of the dry food we choose for the Simply Pets® raw food. Meat, raw veggies, brown rice or oats, flax oil and many other things.

He lives 6 years with his disease now and sometimes he had been operated to remove a lump here and there but he healed very quickly.

He is about 13 years now and he might pass away by old age.

We are very happy that we choose this path and we believe strongly in the power of natural medicines, the strong will of Bluf to survive and our caring love.

Mancie and Henk Van Wagendonk



Bluf turned out to be one of my most special animal teachers. I never expected such an incredible will to live and often a strong character to match this. Not always my easiest patient, but we had a mutual love and respect for each other none the less.

One of the main things he taught me was to trust the process and work with whatever reaction or symptom you are given. I could not expect him to live a further 8 years after a “deadly” diagnosis. This would not have been achieved if it were not for his caring and loving owners following my instructions implicitly and giving him what he needed to remain as healthy as possible. An optimum collaboration between guardian, healer and individual patient, each doing his / her part to achieve the highest goal. Bluff’s terrible skin gave me many moments of frustration, but we always managed to find something to help whenever the picture changed.

It is with great love and reverence that I had to say goodbye to such a brave and big soul on the 11th June 2012. He was 13 years old. In the last 2 weeks of his life he suddenly went downhill and his heart gave in. The tumor in his neck which we had managed to keep “dormant” for all those years suddenly blew up out of proportion and seemed to take over his life force. He was however a strong and brave soldier till the very end.

Mancie and Henk Van Wagendonk
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