Do you have guidelines for feeding bones to cats and dogs?

Please take note of the following safety guidelines:

  • Never feed bones with small children present.
  • Separate your animals before feeding bones.
  • Never leave the house while your pet is chewing a bone (don’t leave the pet unattended).
  • Never cook or heat bones.
  • Never cut or saw bones yourself.
  • Never feed the size of bone that can be swallowed whole.
  • Start training adult dogs to eat raw bones using quality chicken necks.
  • Start puppies and kittens on Minced chicken necks from 3 months age onwards. Some adult cats prefer minced to whole necks.
  • Avoid typical round marrow bones, as these have a tendency to get stuck around the bottom jaw. The marrow also has a very high fat content.
  • Avoid very flat or rib bones, as these could get wedged against the palate.
  • Unless your pet is used to eating bones or hard treats, it is better to avoid the hard solid long bones, as these could fracture teeth that are not strong enough. Rather give the softer bone, closer to the joints, until the teeth have had some practice and have had time to harden and strengthen.
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Updated on April 4, 2021