My cat / dog has a very sensitive stomach. Will I be able to feed RAW?

Yes! Raw food diets can actually help to resolve a number of health issues, including digestive issues such as sensitivity, colitis, loose stools, constipation and gastro-enteritis. We also have many documented cases and testimonials where raw feeding has vastly improved chronic allergies, intolerances, skin conditions, anal gland issues, stomach cramping, inflammation, arthritis, and obesity.

Ensure that you switch your pet over to RAW very gradually, for smooth transition. You might even consider adding digestive enzymes and probiotics, including Nutribiotic, to the food for the first few weeks, to aid in the digestion and give your pet a chance to adapt to the new food.

IMPORTANT: Raw feeding might be a good treatment for many conditions, but it’s important that you seek veterinary advice when your pet is obviously ill or struggling to digest or transition onto the raw food. If your dog is ill before transitioning to RAW, please do not start a raw feeding programme until the cause has not been properly diagnosed.

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Updated on April 4, 2021