Transition guide for dogs.

  • Gradually transition for at least 7 days.
  • Start with a daily portion ratio of 25% raw to 75% previous food. Try to feed these separately for easier digestion, if you can. If your dog seems suspicious of the RAW food, you might well have better success by mixing it into their regular food.
  • Pay attention. Gauge the dog’s ability to digest the food by general comfort levels, as well as the quality and consistency of its poop. You’ll know your dog is coping if stools are clearly digested, firm and free of mucous – and there are no signs of discomfort or vomiting. Follow your instincts and increase the amount of RAW when you feel your dog is ready.
  • Consider the temporary use of Nutribiotic as well as a digestive enzyme supplement to assist the dog during its transition. This will help your dog to digest its new food while its gut is still adapting.
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Updated on May 4, 2021