Is a raw meat diet healthy for dogs?

Indeed, Safe enough for huumans!

All of our products are prepared using certified, human grade ingredients. Our production line is at all times clean and hygienic and has also passed all required inspection standards.

Concerns over worms?

Understandably, many owners have a fear of increased exposure to intestinal parasites from raw, uncooked foods. However, you should know this risk is directly linked to the quality and safety of the ingredients used.

Because Simply Pets Raw Foods are made from the highest quality products, in hygienic conditions, there is no increased risk of your pets getting worms from our products. If anything, improved immunity from eating a high quality raw diet will increase your pets’ defenses against these parasites.

Regardless of their diets, dogs and cats do get worms. We therefore recommend that all owners follow veterinary advice in terms of a regular de-worming schedule, using a veterinary approved broad-spectrum de-wormer.

What are your feelings
Updated on April 4, 2021
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