Billy gets his hair (and his life) back!

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Billy Stroh (a 6 yr old neutered male Pomeranian) was rather distressed when he first arrived at the Simply Vets practice six months ago. Depressed, with severe anxiety, he had developed a hair loss condition called Alopecia X (also known as Black Skin Disease). One could mistake him for a Chinese Crested Dog. He had […]

“Beasty” is Pain free and full of the joys of life!

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July 2017 was not a good month for Beast, a 5 year old Dachshund. Only he knows what happened that fateful winter day, when something just snapped in his back. By the time his parents arrived home, he was in terrible pain. X-rays revealed a spinal disc protrusion at the level of his 12-13 thoracic […]

What is Gold Bead Therapy and How Does it Work

Gold beads are implanted into specific acupuncture points, which vary depending on the medical condition and the individual energetics of the animal by a qualified veterinarian and acupuncturist. This is a safe, drug-free, and effective way to help patients by providing a permanent form of acupuncture. Patient The veterinarian must ensure the animal’s health before […]

Natural Does Not Equal Safe

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Just because something is NATURAL it does not necessarily mean it is SAFE! This is a very dangerous misunderstanding amongst many untrained (however well meaning) individuals. Herbs, tinctures, essential oils and nutritional supplements have very strong material substances which act in a very widespread manner in the body of any individual, having physiological actions often […]

Homeopathy – Tested on People and now Used on Animals

Homoeopathy was developed almost 200 years ago, by the patient and detailed observation of symptoms induced by various substances when administered to volunteers! I love the fact that it is a system of medicine that was first tested on people, which can now be safely used on animals for healing. The symptoms, when seen in […]

Acupuncture – The Ancient Veterinary Treatment

Veterinary Acupuncture was discovered over 3000 years ago. By patient, detailed, meticulous observation of animals and their response to disease over a considerable period, it was discovered that digital pressure, applied to certain points on the body, relieved or cured the signs of disease. Later, it was discovered that a better effect was produced by […]

A Holistic and Functional Approach to Illness

As a Holistic Veterinarian I am not just interested in treating individual illness and diseases, but in overall prevention of disease and in creating optimum health. In other words, helping my patients express the healthiest organ systems and lifestyles they are capable of is my wish and mission. When an animal gets older, heart disease […]

Pregnant Chameleon’s Fractured Humerus Pinned

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This little girl was dropped by her owner and then taken to Second Chance Reptile Rehabilitation Centre. She sustained a fracture to her forearm (humerus). As she was pregnant I was unable to use some of the easier injectable anesthetics, but had to gas her down and intubate her for surgery. Her leg was successfully […]

Paralysed Dachshund Dog Treatment with Permanent Acupuncture

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This young Dachshund was paralyzed from a disc prolapse. After a week it came to Dr. Anuska Viljoen for alternative treatment as conventional treatment had failed to help. This video shows the complete inability to use the back legs. There was still some deep pain perception present but no superficial pain or proprioceptive reflexes. There […]

Homeopathy and Fluid Therapy Treats Dog Bitten by Snake

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This is Bella. Bella was bitten by a snake. Most likely a Puff-adder. This causes marked tissue swelling and necrosis (cell death) as well as bleeding. If enough serum was been injected by the snake it is often fatal. She was lucky owing to her size and the venom dose was less than lethal. Homeopathy […]

Homeopathy and Acupuncture Assist Arthritic Shoulder

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This is Billie. She has had an arthritic shoulder and itchy red skin all over. Owing to a combination of homeopathy and acupuncture (note the needles in her knee), she no longer limps and her skin has cleared up completely.

Addressing Conditions Early Can Improve Response

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She had a chronic skin condition which had been treated and moderately controlled with antibiotics and steroids for years but never cured. When I started treating her she was no longer responding to medication. Unfortunately Rosie’s condition was too far gone by the time we started treating her. However she did improve for a few […]

Acupuncture Used to Treat Dog with Severe Arthritis

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This is Rogue. She has had severe stifle (knee) arthritis and conventional medicine no longer had anything more it could offer her. She did really well on acupuncture and despite the muzzle (safety first), she was quite content to have needles inserted. Note the acupuncture needles in her back. Very few dogs need to be […]

Acupuncture Reverses Paralysis

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This is Simba. He was involved in a road traffic accident and received a severe head injury and damaged the radial nerve in his left front leg. He was paralyzed and had no feeling there. Three weeks of acupuncture twice weekly gradually got his feeling back into his leg an reversed the paralysis.

Acupuncture and Crystal Healing Treats Older Dog

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This is Robbie. He is an elderly, distinguished gent with liver, kidney, cataract and arthritis problems. He also tends to chew patches on his feet till they are bleeding. He was almost terminal with liver condition 18 months from original date of publish, but rallied very well on homeopathy and nutritional supplements. Acupuncture and crystal […]

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